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German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation
25 years BFU · 1998-2023

Reporting an accident or serious incident

Any involved person who is aware of an accident or serious incident involving a manned or unmanned aircraft must report this event immediately to the investigating body of the state in which the accident or serious incident occurred.

In addition to the crew, the persons involved also include the owner and operator of the aircraft, as well as e.g. controllers or a person who was involved in maintenance. This obligation to report is regulated in Art. 9 VO(EU) No. 996/2010.

Section 7 of the Aviation Ordinance expands the obligation to report to the BFU for crew and owners to include accidents involving German-registered aircraft outside Germany and accidents involving foreign-registered but German-operated aircraft. Serious incidents abroad must be reported to the BFU according to § 7 LuftVO if they are either German-registered aircraft that were operated by German operators or if they are foreign-registered aircraft that are operated by German aviation companies at the time of the event became.

The immediate reporting of an accident or a serious incident according to Art. 9 VO(EU) No. 996/2010 and § 7 LuftVO to the BFU can be made by telephone or with the online report.

The BFU refers to the information on data protection and the data protection declaration with regard to the personal data processed in the event of a report, further contact and investigation. Both can be viewed at or can be sent free of charge upon request.

The BFU can be reached by phone around the clock at:

+49 (0)531-3548-0

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