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The tasks of the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) result from the regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 996/2010 and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Act. The BFU investigates accidents and serious incidents involving civil-registered aircraft. Mere malfunctions in the operation of aircraft are then investigated if significant findings for aviation safety are expected as a result.

If accidents and serious incidents involving aircraft occur abroad, the BFU will be involved in the investigation if the aircraft in question was registered, manufactured or operated in Germany. If an accident occurs outside of state sovereign territory, the BFU will take over the investigation if the aircraft was registered in Germany, alternatively also operated or manufactured.

Investigations by the BFU are to be carried out separately and independently of judicial or administrative proceedings. The sole purpose of an investigation by the BFU is accident prevention. Investigation reports and safety recommendations do not contain any statements of guilt, liability or claims. BFU investigation reports are therefore not expert opinions and do not serve to prejudice judicial or administrative proceedings.

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